Come play at the FARM!!! We are opening up the farm in stage one. June 16th!!

Get your tickets here:

Come play at the Farm! Rain or shine. You can arrive anytime during your session (morning 9am-12pm/ Afternoon 1pm-4pm) When your session has come to an end, we do ask that you promptly head out so that we can allow the following group in.

The entire experience is outside and we limit the number of guests during each session so that you can spread out and enjoy your time at the farm!
Lots of animals to see, feed and touch. Hay play structures to climb and explore. The kid’s barn has some imaginary play areas and the famous corn sensory table. Take walk in the woods, bring some snacks and enjoy the picnic and play area. Relax and enjoy the outdoors while you explore and play down on the farm.

The Log farm is part of Ottawa’s history, the farm was originally settled in 1854 and the home and farm buildings were built over the next few years. You can walk through the original home of the Bradley’s and take in how they lived right here over 150 years ago!!

Our newest baby ‘Junior’

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