Toddler Time

May – October

Toddler Time 2022

Wednesday & Thursday 9am-12:30pm


A drop in program designed exclusively for ages 0-6 (all ages welcome).

The Toddler Time program at the farm is a pay as you go program. Tickets are required for everyone over the age of one.

Each week we will have a different theme with activities and sensory tables relating to the season and theme of the week. During Toddler Time you will get to see all the farm animals and purchase food for the goats, sheep and alpacas. You can take a walk out in the woods and then gather together for our weekly story time. Bring a picnic lunch or snacks and spend some time playing on the hay.

Story Time will take place at 10:30am on the hill by the old farm house.

This is not a structured program, we encourage you to let your little ones take the lead, let them decide how they want to spend their time at the farm. Slow down and let them explore the farm at their own pace.

Toddler time is a program designed for toddlers and preschoolers (age 0-6) and their Moms, Dads and caregivers.

The Toddler Time program at the farm is pay as you go, pre-purchased tickets are available online. There is no need to commit to a long program, just come when you want. So much outdoor fun that changes up every week with new themes and toys.

**All children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult**

Upcoming Summer Themes


Aug. 3rd & 4th

This week is all about TRACTORS

Most Children get excited when they see a tractor on the road and love to watch them work in the fields. This week at Toddler time get up close to the BIG tractors, the kids can climb in the bucket, sit in the tires for a picture or climb up the ladder and sit in the driver’s seat!!

We will have tractor themed sensory tables to play at for some messy, muddy fun!

Camp Out

Aug. 10th & 11th

 With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to go camping. If your kids like pretend play activities then this is the week for them. With a full play camp ground set up to explore, including a tent, BBQ, fishing pond, fire pit and a boat for some serious imagination and dramatic play.

Join us for a camp story at 10:30 on the grass by the old farm house

Water Play

Aug. 17th & 18th

This week we are having a sprinkler party! Be ready to get wet! We will have lots of different water activities for the kids to explore, from fishing rods, pouring stations, sprinklers spraying and little pools to get in. Bring bathing suits, towels and hats!

Vegetable Garden

Aug. 24th & 25th

This week is all about Vegetables!!! Be ready to let the kids get their hands dirty! Gardens give kids the experience of being in nature and taking care of living things. Connecting kids with nature isn’t something that happens easily these days, with TV, video games, and hectic schedules all cutting into outdoor time. Vegetable gardens provide an environment where children can interact with and get curious about the natural world. The garden is also a place where kids can learn where some of their food comes from.

Join us for a camp story at 10:30 on the grass by the old farm house

Little Blue Truck

Aug. 31st Sept.1st

I instantly fell in love with the book, Little Blue Truck. The clever rhyming and fun storyline is fantastic. The pictures are vivid, the story line is fun and full of moos, baas, trucks and mud, what’s not to love. This week during Toddler Time we will have a story time at 10:30 on the hill by the old house. We will be reading Little Blue Truck. All the sensory tables will relate to the story.