Little Farmers

Week-Day Little Farmers


Every Wednesday & Thursday

9am -4pm

No pre-registration required

Non-instructional program

Runs from May 24th – October 26th

Pre-purchased tickets are available for a quick and easy entrance.

Walk-ins are always welcome

Bring your little ones out to play on the farm. The activities are designed for kids under the age of 6, however all ages are welcome to join in and visit the farm.

Each week we will have a different theme with activities and sensory tables relating to the season and theme of the week. During our weekday little farmers, you will get to see all the farm animals, feed is available to purchase for the goats, sheep and alpacas if you want an up-close experience. You can take a walk out in the woods and then gather together for our daily story time at 10:30am on the grass. Bring a picnic lunch or snacks and spend some time playing on the hay.

Story Time will take place at 10:30am on the grass by the old farmhouse.

This is not a structured program. We encourage you to let your little ones take the lead, let them decide how they want to spend their time at the farm. Slow down and let them explore the farm at their own pace.

Little Farmers is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. However all age are welcome to visit the farm and join in the fun.

The Little Farmers program is a commitment free program. Pay as you go, you can pay at the door or pre-purchase your tickets online. Last admission is always one hour prior to closing (3pm). There is no need to commit to a long program, just come on the days that work for you.

So much outdoor fun that changes up every week with new themes and toys.

**All children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult**

Upcoming Spring Themes

Teddy Bears Picnic

May 24th & 25th

Bring your teddy bear and lunch out to the farm for a picnic!! This week we will have unstructured bear themed activities around the farm. Then come join us for a group circle time where you and your bears can listen and participate in the classic ‘Going on a bear hunt.’

Circle time will take place near the pioneer farmhouse at 10:30.

Birds & Nests

May 31st & June 1st

As Spring is in full swing, we have really noticed the birds out and about. Every year we have lots of barn swallow families nesting in our barns! We encourage you to bring your binoculars this week so your little ones can try to spot some birds around the farm. It’s so exciting to witness nesting and new life. Birds will gather twigs, grass, leaves, moss, mud and even small pieces of thread to build their nests. We will have a table set up with these materials for the little ones to try to build a nest. Just like the birds, they can stack and weave them and discover how hard it is and see how much work goes into building a nest. There will be other bird themed sensory tables to explore as well

Join us for Storytime at 10:30 on the grass by the old farmhouse


June 7th & 8th

Learning about bugs and insects is SO much fun for toddlers & preschoolers! Have you ever been with a group of children when one of them discovers a bug? The entire group will rush over to see and inspect. They are fascinated with insects. Letting them explore bugs by teaching them to be gentle and kind to the tiny creatures will be an experience they won’t forget and a life long lesson to respect and take care of our ecosystem. Come out to the farm and explore all sorts of toy bugs and insects.

Join us for Storytime at 10:30 on the grass by the old farmhouse


June 14th & 15th

Most Children get excited when they see a tractor on the road and love to watch them work in the fields. This week during little farmers get up close to the BIG tractors. The kids can climb in the bucket, sit in the tires for a picture or climb up the ladder and sit in the driver’s seat!!
We will have tractor themed sensory tables to play at for some messy, muddy fun!

Join us for Storytime at 10:30 on the grass by the old farmhouse

Vegetable Garden

June 21st &22nd

Be ready to let the kids get their hands dirty! Gardens give kids the experience of being in nature and taking care of living things. Connecting kids with nature isn’t something that happens easily these days, with TV, video games, and hectic schedules all cutting into outdoor time. Vegetable gardens provide an environment where children can interact with and get curious about the natural world. The garden is also a place where kids can learn where some of their food comes from.

Join us for Storytime at 10:30 on the grass by the old farmhouse.