Schools Out

We’re officially into winter break and it’s getting closer to the big day. We’ve still got a good selection of beautiful precut Christmas trees and our gift shop is stocked with lots of great gift ideas from local artisans and not the big crowds. There’s no admission or tickets required to get a tree or shop the shop. The farm is open from now until the 23rd from 9:30am-3:00pm. For tickets to visit the farm with lots of animals and great things to see, keep reading below.

There will be so much excitement next week as we get closer to the big day!! Need to keep the kids busy? Bring them out to the farm for a visit, let them run and play outside! The farm will be open for a 5 day stretch – Saturday to Wednesday 9:30-3:00
You need to get your ticket online, we have limited spots to keep numbers low! tickets are selling out quickly so don’t hesitate if you want a spot!

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