The Log Farm


The Orr Family wants to welcome you to the farm.  After years of volunteering at The Log Farm in the 1990’s, Ryan Orr developed a great love for the property.  Now years later he and his wife Amy and 3 three daughters have secured a long term lease with NCC.  Add in his parents and it brings together 3 generations of the Orr Family working hard to bring the property up to a standard that people can enjoy for years to come.  The process is going to take several years and we hope you come back often to see our progress in bringing this farm to a top destination in Ottawa.

2 thoughts on “The Log Farm

  1. Congratulations on this adventure!
    I used to volunteer at the Log Farm in the 90’s too and I am beyond excited that you are working to restore it.
    My husband and son and I are hoping to make it out tomorrow and I can’t wait!!


  2. I also worked there in the 80s when it was run by the NCC. We were costumed interpreters who showed how the farm worked in the 1890s. I loved it there! So glad it’s reopened.


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