Sugar Bush 2017


What better way to celebrate Spring right in the heart of the city!

Our family is very excited to have the opportunity to not only bring The Log Farm back to life, as a family farm, but also provide a window into life as a pioneer in the Ottawa valley. As part of this journey we want to invite you and your family to come out and experience the excitement of Spring on the farm.

Sugar Bush season will consist of

  • Visit to the historical farm site, where you can see how the Bradley family lived in the 1860’s. The house and all the out buildings are set up to depict what life for a family would have been like during this period.
  • The farm is a working farm so you will see all kinds of animals on the farm site.
  • We will have taffy on the snow.
  • We have several picnic tables around the farm to sit and enjoy the spring.
  • There will be a bonfire on the farm site where you can warm up while waiting for the wagon ride that will take you out to the sugar bush.
  • From the farm site, you can catch a wagon ride (tractor drawn) to the sugar bush.
  • At the sugar bush, you can not only see how the pioneers would have collected and made maple syrup (it was very important to them) but you will also see maple syrup being made with modern wood fired equipment.
  • We only use buckets to collect sap from the trees and your family is welcome to take a couple of pails and go and collect sap from the trees throughout the bush.

Food Available

  • We will be offering a traditional sugar bush breakfast all day long. Pancakes and sausages all served with maple syrup and butter.
  • In our visitor center we will also have an assortment of baked goods, from cookies and squares to butter tarts.
  • Top that all off with Van Houtte premium coffees, hot chocolate, or tea along with an assortment of juices and cold drinks and you will not go home hungry.


  • There is a $5.50 admission to the farm and sugar bush. All children 2 and under are free.
  • The breakfast ranges from $4 to $10

We will be open weekends 9:00 to 4:00 from March 4th. until April 15th along with the week of March 13th to 17th for March break.

The Log Farm, 670 Cedarview road. Nepean, Ontario