Easter at The Farm

Come celebrate Easter on the Farm

April 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th.


Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday

Easter activities will take place around the farm. The Easter egg hunt and tractor drawn wagon ride are included with your $6 admission.

Easter weekend Activities:

Tractor drawn wagon ride

Easter egg hunt in the forest


Farm Animals

How the Easter egg hunt works. At designated times (sign up sheets will be available at the farm upon arrival) Children will line up at the Easter egg hunt location. Before the hunt begins our staff will scatter colourful plastic eggs down the walking trail through the forest. As this can be very exciting we ask that parents please hold on to your children and wait for the Farmer to ring the bell to start the hunt. On the farmers command, participants will run to collect eggs. Please remember that it is not a race and it doesn’t matter how many eggs you collect, the eggs that you have gathered are then turned in and exchanged for an Easter treat. Once you have collected your eggs and received your treat we ask that you clear the area so that we can prepare for the next hunt. Although a basket is not necessary, you may bring your own basket for collecting eggs.