Future Farmer Program

Future Farmer
Drop off for kids ages 7-13
Sundays 9am-1pm
Only 6 spots available each week.
preregistration required
To register email thelogfarm@rogers.com
Starting Sunday July 29th.

The kids will be put to work on the farm, feeding and watering the animals, milking the goat, bottle feeding the lamb, brushing the pony, collecting the eggs and so much more. Every week will vary depending on the season and what’s happening around the farm. There is always a fence to fix and animal to tend to.
A bagged lunch and lots of water is required, along with proper foot wear, hats, sunscreen and bug spray.
Risky play is needed more and more these days, the kids will have the opportunity to climb up in the hay mow, climb over fences explore the forest and get dirty.