The Log Farm, one of the areas hidden treasury, is a replication of what a family farm was like in the mid 1800’s in Ottawa.  This is 110 acre oasis located right in the middle of today’s busy city.  This farm was settled by the Bradley family and together Abraham and his wife Matilda raised nine children on this farm.

The focus of the farm is to give visitors a sense of what day to day life was like for the Bradley family.  That may be a casual self guided “tour through time” to just enjoy the sights and sounds of the farm animals and see all the different building on the homestead.  How they managed with eleven people in a five room house is just one of the things to marvel at.  There will also be opportunity for hands on participation in the day to day farm life.  Whether that is feeding the animals to tending to the family garden or working on the many fences that surround the property.

The family farms of the mid 1800’s had to be very self sufficient and the Bradley’s were no different.  Life was all about making sure that you had enough food for not only your self but for all your animals for the long winter ahead.  The Log Farm will give you a window to the pass to see how they managed this.  From the Maple sugar season in early spring to the late fall harvest life was full of long days and lots of work for the whole family.

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