Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

Let’s all support local, and keep it in Canada!!! 

Our little Farmers Market just keeps growing. Every week we have our core group of vendors that are here every Saturday and each week we welcome some new vendors along with some part time vendors, This week we welcome 

Foster Family Farms

Fresh Ontario Strawberries 🍓 Fosters produces high quality Strawberries and vegetables!! Fosters have been at our farmers market every year serving up fresh berries and veggies, strawberries are their first available crops of the season, each week from now on they will have a selection of berries and vegetables for you as they come into season!!

And we also welcome, 

Foodie Lu Italian Street Food

Homemade pasta dinners to take home by chef Luis from his family recipes. “I’ve had a passion for food as early as I can remember. I grew up in the footsteps of both parents who opened a unique and one of a kind Italian restaurant on Bank St in Ottawa, Canada. My creativity in the kitchen stemmed from there at a very young age and here we are today, over 30 years later and I am staying true to my family recipes and continuing to dedicate myself to this amazing industry”.

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