This week at the Market we are very excited to hear that Strawberries and sweet Peas will be available, we also are Welcoming some new vendors

The Pepper Moustache. Hot sauces that all start with fresh picked ingredients from the garden, or sourced from local farmers. All of their Hot Sauces and Spicy Syrups are passionately crafted in small batches. Each with a distinct flavour profile that is created to enhance every meal.


Terra Foods Olive Oil. Stavros Kalogerakos has been selling olive oil in the Ottawa area for over 28 years. This is single-source, extra-virgin Greek olive oil produced exclusively in his native village of Krokees, Lakonia in southern Greece. The oil is cold extracted from the first pressing of hand-picked olives, is 100 % pure – not refined, blended, chemically processed or filtered He will be pleased to explain the delectable addition his oil makes to any cuisine and its cosmetic properties.

We have an amazing core group of vendors every week, serving you, all LOCAL : Honey, bread, baked goods, coffee, lamb, beef and pork, turkey sausages, preserves, plants, wine, maple syrup, natural body products, beautiful hand made items and so much more!! To see a full detailed vendor list check out our market website at

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