Sugar Bush 2020


Spring is just around the corner!!!

Sugar Bush Season is almost here!! As the days get longer and the temperatures slowly rise we get closer and closer to the sweetest time of year.

The winter time is a time of anticipation for the upcoming sugaring season.  As spring approaches (usually early march) and when the weather is forecasted to be just below freezing, its time to go tapping. We head out into the woods with snowshoes, spiles, pails, lids and drills, we tap the trees and hang the pails, then we wait for the sap to begin to flow.

Maple Sugaring is totally dependent on the weather. Cold nights (-5) and warm sunny days (+5) are ideal for sap to flow.


Did you know that Maple Trees can live up to 200 years and beyond. The oldest know Sugar Maple is estimated to be over 500 years old with a trunk circumference of 20 ft. Its located in North Pelham, Ontario.

For more information on our sugar bush season click here ➡️ Sugar Bush 2020



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