Special Event!!!


Parrot Partners Canada is a rehabilitation and adoption centre for Parrots. As part of their birds rehabilitation they have developed a program where they bring the parrots to Schools, Daycares, Camps, After-school programs and many more, to do an interactive and educational show. It’s a great way for them to get the Parrots accustomed to all kinds of people and develop the skills they will need in a new home, but its also a fun activity for the guests.

They bring parrots, from different areas of the world, ranging in size from very small and ‘spunky’ to massive and ‘mellow.’ They will introduce each parrot, one at a time and share interesting and entertaining facts and stories about them. The guests will be offered the opportunity to give their little guy a sip of juice from a safety cup and to feed our big girl a piece of grape from a feeding skewer. They even act out and tell stories about the relationship parrots had with Pirates. They end the show with ‘Crazy Crackers’, the dancing cockatoo, and they demonstrate the cockatoo propensity to respond to rhythm by asking the audience to sing and clap to a song with a strong beat!

Join us and Parrot Partners Canada at The Log Farm for an interactive parrot training experience on July 27th, 2019 at 11am. Make sure to bring a blanket to sit on to watch the show.

Don’t forget our farmers market runs every Saturday from 9am- 2pm http://www.barrhavenfarmersmarket.com

The farm site is open Weekends 9am-3pm

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