Weekends on the Farm

Drop by the farm this weekend, on Saturdays we host a Farmers Market, with a variety of local vendors with truly amazing products. The Market is a great venue for fresh local food, this weekly event can foster a feeling of community. Where else can you meet the person who grew your food? Maybe you’ve been a regular, or perhaps you’ve never attended your local market. It’s not too late to make a weekly market run your new habit!

Take the time to look at every booth, enjoy the atmosphere, slow down your pace just a little to take it all in. Every farmer and artisan have a story. Take time to listen and engage in a conversation. Some have just begun their business, while others have sold products for years. The stories are endless. Ask questions. This is your food, and you need to understand where, how, and why it was grown. It can be an amazing privilege to meet the farmer who grew your food. 

Your dollars will support your local economy and local families. Prices may be lower than the supermarket since the middle-man is eliminated, but they may be higher if the farm is small or the product specialized. Remember the product is locally grown, fresh, or handmade. Many harvest the morning of the market.

Farmers Markets rely on word of mouth. Encouraging words and a purchase will go a long way to help your market thrive. 

Have some fun and challenge your family to try one new item from the farmers’ market every week. If you don’t know how to prepare something? Just ask. When was the last time you tried something new? Try out the Market this Saturday!!!

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