Sugarbush Season is Coming to an End

April 6th/7th. Is our last weekend for sugarbush.

Just like that our Sugarbush Season is coming to an end. If you haven’t yet, make sure to stop by this weekend for a chance to taste some sweet taffy!!! We do things a bit differently around The Log Farm, we allow our guest to help out in our sugarbush to get the full hands on experience. If the weather is just right (+5 during the day and -5 at night) the Sap will be flowing in full force and you can grab a pail then head out in to the forest to collect some sap, bring it back to camp and see how we turn the sap into sweet maple syrup in the evaporator. We also don’t serve pancakes on site, we have the world famous Beavertails (deep fried dough, topped with cinnamon sugar, or other sweet toppings) right here for you to enjoy! We have lots of Log Farm 2019 Maple Syrup in our store for purchase. Did you know that PURE Maple Syrup is packed with essential nutrients, it’s can reduce inflammation and has the same amount of calcium as whole milk. Pure Maple Syrup is a SUPER food!!! Don’t forget that The Log Farm will be Open Easter weekend and our regular season starts May 11th with the kick off of our Farmers Market.

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