Toddler Time Wednesday The 3rd

•TODDLER TIME • October 3rd.

Bring your teddy bear and lunch out to the farm for a picnic!! This is the last bear picnic of the season, It’s time for the bears to start thinking about hibernation. This week we will have unstructured bear themed activities around the farm. Then Come join us for a group circle time where you and your bears can listen and participate in the classic ‘Going on a bear hunt.’ Circle time will take place near the pioneer farm house at 11pm.

Every week during toddler time you will get to see all the farm animals, feed the goats, take a walk in the woods out to our natural pond. Bring a picnic lunch or snacks and spend some time in our picnic area playing. Now that it’s fall we have our Scarecrow walk and hay mountain structure to climb on!!

This is not a structured program, we encourage you to let your little one take the lead and let them decide how they want to spend their time at the farm. Slow down and let them explore the farm at their own pace.

Toddler time is an exclusive time slot for toddlers (age 0-6) and their Moms, Dads and caregivers.
•$6 admission (infants under 1 are free)
•Animal feed at the farm is cash only
We also have lots of FREE parking.
*All children must be supervised at all times.*

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