June 13th Toddler Time

Toddler Time • Birds and Nests • 10am-1pm
Drop in for ages 0-6 *children must be supervised*

As Spring is in full swing, we have really noticed the birds out and about. Every year we have lots of barn swallow families nesting in our barns! We encourage you to bring your binoculars this week so your little ones can try to spot some birds around the farm. It’s so exciting to witness nesting and new life. Birds will gather twigs, grass, leaves, moss, mud and even small pieces of thread to build their nests. We will have a table set up with these materials for the little ones to try to build a nest just like the birds, they can stack and weave them and discover how hard it is and see how much work goes into building a nest. There will be multiple bird themed sensory tables to explore as well. At the farm we have two geese currently sitting on their nest, you can peek in and see them, we are expecting the goslings to hatch anytime after June 20th. We also have a mother hen with 11 tiny chicks out for viewing.

Every week during toddler time you will get to see all the farm animals, feed the goats, take a walk in the woods out to our natural pond and spot the herons in their nests. Bring a picnic lunch or snacks and spend some time in our games field playing.

This is not a structured program, we encourage you to let your little one take the lead and let them decide how they want to spend their time at the farm. Slow down and let them explore the farm at their own pace.

•$6 admission (infants under 1 are free)
•Animal feed at the farm is cash only
We also have lots of FREE parking.
*All children must be supervised at all times.*

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