Mother Nature Strikes Again!

We’ve been out since 1:00 AM this morning clearing snow and we just cant keep up. Do to the heavy snow fall (30+ CM here) and heavy wind, we just cant open today (Wednesday March 15th).  We really hate having to do this but it just not safe or enjoyable for our guests.  We will be working hard all day to get the site ready for Thursday. Sorry again folks!

3 thoughts on “Mother Nature Strikes Again!

  1. Your website information was misleading in saying you were open all week for march break. It should have stated more clearly that this would pend on weather conditions. My family went to your shack today and were very disappointed to see that it was closed. My husband failed to see this mention and had instead read your weekend heading so its mostly his fault but they still faced an hour of driving in the snow for nothing.


    • Sarah;
      I’m sorry for the miss confusion today. Unfortunately with the nature of our business we have to make a last-minute calls that suits our animals, staff and guests. I have noted your comment about the confusion from our website and will address it accordingly. In the case of today we were out very early in the morning doing snow removal and with the Highwinds decided it was not safe for our guests nor would it be enjoyable for people. In the future I will do my best to make sure it is very clear on the website our hours of operation.


  2. I am very impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated in response to the negative feedback regarding your hours of operation. I am 35 years old and have lived in Ottawa my entire life and have not had the pleasure of visiting the log farm. After reading this post I think I will pack up my boys and come for a visit today seeing as it is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. See you soon @thelogfarm!! ~ Amanda


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